Loving Lately

I am an over sharer.  I love to talk about new things I find and tips and tricks to make a day easier.  I follow up compliments of “oh I love your watch, it’s so nice” with “it’s from target, a great deal, I am sure they have more at the local store, or you can check online it’s the merona brand…”.  People were probably just expecting a cordial “thank you”, but no, if I have found a great deal or found something I must tell, it’s just oversharing word vomit!  So I thought what better place to overshare to the masses than with a little loving lately post.  So scroll below and check out what I just can’t wait to tell you about!

  • Snagged this adorable crocheted coffee sleeve on ETSY and am loving it! Nothing better than Folgers in your cup and pumpkins on the sleeve 😉
coffee sleeve
  • This blog. It started with this post that I stumbled upon through a pinterest link (the rabit hole) and from there I was up to date on her life and drooling over her spiral staircase.
  • Do you have a duvet on your bed? Then stop what you are doing, watch this link and come back.  Got it?! Oh my word, we have an all black dog and I insisted on a white comforter, because I apparently love to clean (note we also have dark hard wood floors… we can save that for another day). This little trick works perfect! It leaves me not completely dreading having to strip the comforter when the dog hair gets out of control.
  • This nail polish – colorstay gel envyRevlon ColorStay
  • Two great ideas for adult Halloween costumes! {Scarecrow | Sheep} Halloween costumes can be fun, but for me, they must also be practical. First, we may live in the south, but October 31 is still the middle of fall and fall like temperatures at night are no joke. No sexy costume locogeoks cute if you are wrapped in a coat. Second, a large costume made of cardboard leaves you leaning against a wall because the act of sitting is simply out of the question. And lastly, no witty costume is less funny than the one no one gets (been there done that, it isn’t funny if you have to explain it). So for the sake of practicality, I have to say these two are looking pretty sweet, scarecrow and sheep.
  • A little DIY decorating idea I found that I can’t wait to recreate with some of my favorite quotes.

Hope you enjoy my little musings of things I am loving lately!

Second Anniversary Gifts

This September Brandon and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!  We wanted to make this year fun so we scheduled a ‘kick off to fall’ trip.  We started in Pennsylvania to visit my extended family.  My parents are high school sweethearts and grew up in south-eastern PA, the military moved them and while we have lived in Virginia for 29 years, Downingtown, Pennsylvania was what they always called “home”.  My grandmother, and most of my aunts, uncles and cousins all live close-by the same little town.  We spent our time there visiting the apple orchard for their famous apple-cider donuts, shopping around town, grabbing lunch with my sweet grandmother and dinner with my uncles and cousins at the local brewery.  It was the perfect visit!  We then made our way to Dover, Delaware to go to Dover Downs Casino.  My husband is a big fan of blackjack and they had a nice little spa for me so it seemed like a great little overnight spot.  We gambled and enjoyed anniversary massages, Brandon gambled some more and I treated myself to a mani-pedi, marriage is all about compromise, right?!

I never thought we would really make a big ta-do about anniversaries, but I have to admit it was so nice to celebrate with a little get-away from the normal day-to-day routine.  And to finish out the trip I surprised Brandon with my anniversary present.  I wanted to stay traditional and year two is cotton.

The cotton anniversary gift was a hard one for me.  I wanted something special that he would keep for years and actually use.  So while I searched to find the perfect gift for my husband, I thought I would share the ideas I found along the way if you are stuck on traditional gifts for second anniversaries as well!

Second Anniversary Gifts

one|  Wifey & Hubby tees: just too cute and would be a fun gift (I am guessing more for the wife… but still so cute!)

two| Dressy Attire: a perfect couple gift, husband and wife pick out the dressy outfit for the other to wear on a fancy anniversary dinner date

three| Monogrammed Bed Linens: a couples gift to brighten up your bedroom

four| Tie: a gift for your husband to wear to on a nice date or to the office

five| Hammock: this is the gift I picked for Brandon, I look forward to spending lazy afternoons with my favorite guy in our yard cuddled in this hammock

six| Beach Towels: pair these with a beach trip getaway for a sweet surprise

seven| Robe: a special gift for your wife

eight| Monogrammed Towels: a gift more on the practical side but a nice addition to the master bathroom



Welcome to the new Simply Styled Emily.

A new fall season calls for a fresh start in a new space for this little blog of mine.  I am excited to share my style in fashion, beauty, home décor and life!  I will be share outfit posts, what I am loving lately, a peek in to our country home and a view of day to day life with me!

I loving learning and growing and have switched blogging platforms from blogger to wordpress, I will be bringing over some of my favorite posts but unsure if I will do a full merge. (Please tell me I am not the only one who finds wordpress intimidating to start!)

I hope you enjoy this space of mine and join in on the adventures in blogging with Simply Styled Emily!