Winter Wear

I feel you can’t go wrong with a great vest to compliment a winter outfit.  They are the little bit of extra warmth that you need on a cold winter day (which with the way our weather has currently been, we don’t know much about)!

Winter Wear

I wore this flannel top Christmas morning but had to ditch the vest to not die of heat stroke (81 degrees Christmas day… now I know how you Florida people feel).

Winter Wear

Winter Wear

Shirt: Forever 21 | Vest: Similar | Jeans: New York & CO. | Boots: Target | Bag: Target

Weekend Rumination {Christmas Edition 2015}

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas weekend!  A quick little recap here before we start prepping for the New Years festivities!

Brandon and I started a tradition a few years back of getting Christmas Eve pajamas to wear as we celebrate Christmas Eve night at home.  This year I added our monograms to make them a little more special.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Our tree went ornament-less this year due to a light string that didn’t work and a busy holiday season.  There is something about the simplicity that I really loved.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Found this gem of a picture at my parent’s house from the December I was born.  I am pretty sure this needs to be framed and added the Christmas holiday decor next year.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Brandon had to work Christmas day this year.  He left the house bright and early, so after watching my nephews open presents at my sister and brother-in-laws with the family, the boys and I headed over to visit with Uncle Brandon and the other firefighters.  Gabriel, the oldest, had a blast seeing all the trucks and getting a chance to ride inside.  Jack, on the other hand, may be the only 4-year old in history to be entirely unamused with the whole thing.  There is a playground in the park right beside the firehouse and once Jack saw the slides and swings he was dead set on getting a chance to play and wanted nothing to do with the lights and sirens.

So after a quick visit (and a stop at the playground) we headed back to my parent’s house to open presents and have Christmas dinner.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

The most popular present under the tree was the pie face game!  A simple concept and a can of whipped cream had everyone laughing so hard!

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Dinner had a table full of family and friends and was a great ending to a very merry Christmas!

I hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas too!  Now back to a short week and goal setting for a whole new year to make wonderful!

What was your favorite part of Christmas?  And have you played the pie face game yet?!?

Merry Christmas {2015}

Wishing you and you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

{and because “procrastination” may have been the word of 2015, here is the electronic Christmas card from our family to yours! ;)}

Merry Christmas Card 2015The dog wouldn’t cooperate in the family photo, so he is just gonna own the back by himself.  Heaven help us when we have children!  

Have a wonderful day in your own special way!

Loving Lately {Scarfs}

While listening to news reports of a 80 degree Christmas Eve, scarfs may not be on your mind, but it is never to early to prepare for the winter weather that is ahead!  I am a bit of a scarf junkie.  I have a closet full of light-weight, blanket and fashion scarfs that are just waiting to be worn.  I think they are a great accessory to add with a simple top and on a cold day, serves double duty to keep you warm (win, win).

Loving Lately_Scarfs

Loving Lately_Scarfs

Loving Lately_Scarfs

Loving Lately_Scarfs

Today I have wrangled 10 great scarfs that would be a perfect accessory this winter (some priced at $10)!

Scarves for winter

Night Time Routine

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

It has happened, I have become an official podcast junkie.  I listen while I get ready in the morning, on my 45 minute drive to the office, on my way home, even at lunch.  I listen to them all, whether it’s the new Serial podcast (the jury is still out if I am going to like as much as the first season), Stuff You Should Know (about every topic under the sun) or the countless productivity podcasts I find to help motivate my day.  Recently I was listening to one on waking up early and conquering the day.  I am working on the getting up early part but loved the episode on having a night routine that prepares you to start the next morning off right.  I got to work preparing a night routine that will start the new year off right and help me dominate my day (the pod-casters tag line of course)!

As I start to get ready for bed, I grab a hot cup of lemon water and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.  Normally after my face was washed I would grab my pjs and hop into bed but now I have a new little treat to add to my routine.  The Valentia brand of natural and organic cosmetics has just released a new cream to battle puffiness, lines and wrinkes, and dark circles all while nourishing and hydrating the sensitive skin under your eyes.

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

The Valentia True Glow Eye Cream is to be used both morning and night and comes in a 1.18 oz pump bottle that sits now on my bathroom counter.  It comes out as cream unlike oily serums and absorbs quickly in to the skin.  I grab a little bit on my ring finger and dab it on my undereyes.

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

After I finish in the bathroom (which now includes flossing… I was so bad about that) I head to the closet to pick out my outfit for the next morning.  I grab all pieces and accessories to complete the outfit and set them aside in the closet.  This has been a godsend on mornings when I have overslept!  I have already packed my lunch and preped my morning coffee while I clean up in the kitchen from dinner so everything is ready to grab and go in the morning.

Now the biggest challenge I am having is switching from watching tv to reading a book as I fall asleep, but it’s all about small changes over time to crafting the perfect routine for me so I may stick to my cheesy Christmas movies while they last.

I am just a few days in to a new routine but have a good feeling that I can make this the best new year yet!

What does your night time routine look like?  Do you use any special creams or lotions before bed to wake up looking your best?

*I was sent Valentia True Glow Eye Cream for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own  

Weekend Ruminations {December 18 – 20, 2015}

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

The countdown to Christmas is on!  This weekend was full of family and friends and has me so excited for this holiday season!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend that went by too soon.

Friday night was spent having dinner with my family to celebrate my sisters birthday.  As my parents were bringing down a few old boxes from my room for me to take home, we came across a box of old cds.  Between my Brittany Spears, my brothers’ Green Day and the hilariously eclectic array of mixed CD’s we were laughing for hours.

The decorations are finally done at our house and while I didn’t get a chance to paint our new monogram sign, it was too good not to hang with a Christmas wreath.

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

Saturday evening was Brandon’s work holiday get together and I was happy to find a perfect occasion to wear this cute new skirt!  We had a great night out with friends!

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

Sunday morning I hopped in the car and headed to DC.  With my best friends birthday on Saturday, I thought lunch together in the city would be fun to see the city’s decorations and to catch up on life!  We had lunch and wandered through the Eastern Market.  The fresh apples were delicious!

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

On the way home I was even able to squeeze in a quick visit with my old roommate in Alexandria.

I got home with a full heart and a sore bum!  Thankfully it was a smooth ride with barely any traffic.   Now just 4 short days till Christmas and more visits with family and friends!!


Fabulous Stocking Stuffers

Now that the house is ready for Christmas it’s time to get to work buying gifts for family and friends.  I love putting together stockings full of gifts they will not only love, but will be just what they need.  Here are a few different ideas of stocking stuffers and some of my favorites from each!Stocking Stuffers 2015

Clink on the images below to have these perfect Christmas gifts shipped right to your door!

Shop Earrings

Shop Passport Book

Shop Ornaments

Shop Shoe Accessories

Shop Wallets

Shop Lists & Pens

Shop Candles

Shop Gloves

What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas?

Weekend Ruminations: December 4 – 6, 2015

This weekend really got me in to the holiday mood and I can’t wait for all this month has to offer!  As we get in to the new week, and a crazy week at that, here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Friday night, I went through some of the recent Christmas goodies I have picked up in the past few weeks and started a little DIY for the house-warming/ugly sweater party we attended on Saturday.


Possibly my favorite DIY to date.  Brandon and I went over to his brother and sister-in-law’s new home for a house-warming/ugly sweater party and sported this sweater duo!

Weekend Ruminations - dec 4 - 6 2015

When looking for an ugly sweater idea I stumbled upon Jessica’s blog {} who had not only amazingly creative talent but an outfit idea my husband was not opposed to wearing!  I grabbed some supplies (these sweaters were made for $18.50 total!) and went to work.  It took a little time on Friday night and a few hours on Saturday, and I was so pleased with how these sweaters turned out.  I hand stitched felt onto the sweater for the reindeer’s body, and hot glued the hooves, antlers and Christmas decorations.  Table scatter from the dollar store was the perfect size for the sweaters and went on easy with a dab of hot glue.

The sweaters were a big party hit and if there had been a contest we would have won, ha!

Weekend Ruminations - dec 4 - 6 2015

I am a little behind on dressing up our home for Christmas so Sunday I put away the fall décor, did an all over house clean, then spent the evening with Brandon putting up our tree and getting in the holiday spirit!

How was your weekend?  Have you ever been to a ugly sweater party (this year was our first)?  Do you lean toward store bought our DIY for costumes?

4 Gift Christmas List

This year my parents had a new idea for Christmas shopping, we would each ask for just 4 gifts.  It would keep Christmas simple and help us to think about what we wanted under the tree.  There was a simple template to follow to choose the 4 gifts that would go on our Christmas lists…

Something I Want | Something I Need | Something to Wear | Something to Read

It took some thinking but I am pretty happy as I turn over my list to “Santa”


Something I Want: Tote & Wristlet | I am a big fan of big bags and this will be the perfect go to for a day at the office and the wristlet makes a perfect accessory for after work drinks or errands!

Something I Need: Scanner | Being an adult means practical Christmas gifts and this has been on our want list for the home office for Brandon’s business receipts and business files

Something to Wear: Timex Watch | I find that I am grabbing a watch to wear everyday and love the classic look of this piece.

Something to Read: The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well | A perfect read as we decorate our home and a great addition to our coffee table book stack

What’s on your Christmas list this year?!  What would be your 4 choices?