A Winter Read

 After falling asleep within the first 10 minutes of our redbox movie night on Sunday, I woke up Monday morning and watched The Maze Runner over a cup of coffee.  Man, do I love long weekends!  A Monday with no responsibilities and a blown off to-do list are definitely needed every now and again.

When I finally got off the couch and washed the breakfast dishes I grabbed my tablet and finished reading another science fiction story.  If you enjoy the after-earth type, dystopian genre than I would have to recommend the new book by Dima Zales, Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1).  A quick read told from the view point of the main character, Theo, as he works to understand the workings of the society around him.  It is a good winter read that grabs your attention and has an ending that you definitely do not see coming (and that is all I will say because I have a terrible tendency to give away the all story when I try to give a teaser…)

Oasis (The Last Human Book 1)

Check out the first book of this growing series.  What’s best is if you have Amazon Prime you can grab yourself a digital copy for free!  A perfect way to spend a snowed in weekend this winter for the dystopian genre readers you know.  (A heads up if you would recommend to a young adult, there is some use of foul language throughout the story.)

*I was sent a copy of this book at no cost to read.  All opinions are my own.

Loving Lately {Chunky Sweaters}

I walked outside yesterday and it felt like Christmas time!  Yes it is the middle of January, but there is the perfect chill in the air and the smell of fireplace fires (and Christmas in Virginia was 80 degrees so I’ll take it when I can get it)!  What I am really looking forward too is big scarfs and chunky sweaters.  What I am not looking forward to is a freezing cold front seat first thing in the morning.  When building our house, a must on my list was a garage, and more specifically, a garage to park my car in!  Somehow, throughout the unpacking process, my car’s sacred spot was lost to stuff!  I feel that every time I shift stuff around to squeeze my car back in something comes up and it is banished back to great outdoors! Dramatic I know, but I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend ahead (thank you Virginia for the abundance of state observed holidays!) and the cold air to get me motivated to clear my little spot out again to put and end to those cold morning front seats.  What better way to kick off that 4-day weekend than with a little on-line shopping to grab the perfect chunky sweater to keep me warm while I spend this January weekend outside.

Check out my current favorites:

Loving Lately Chunky sweaters

Shop your favorites ->

Cheers to a chilly weather weekend (and clean garages)!

Make it Monday {Chocolate Chip Cookies}

I apologize first for anyone whose diet this threatens, but after a successful day of baking I had to share this delicious recipe.

Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies

My mom’s chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite and when I went into the pantry this weekend and stared at the empty cookie shelf I figured it was time to grab the kitchen aid and curb my sweet tooth.

Below is the simple recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies that have a slightly cakier taste then the average go-to style.

Simply Choclate chip cookies header


Simply Choclate chip cookies

Simply Choclate chip cookies ingredients

Simply Choclate chip cookiesSimply Choclate chip cookies instructions

What is your favorite type of cookies to make?  If you try your hand at these, let me know how it goes!


Trending {Pantone 2016_Rose Quartz}

The colorists at Pantone got it right this year with the color picks of 2016.  Rose Quartz to highlight our love of warmth and Serenity to reflect wellness and connection and the colors themselves are the perfect mix of pastel and airiness.

Pantone 2016 Colors of the year

Today I am playing with the Rose Quart palette for a look at some ways to incorporate the subtle gentle tone into your wardrobe this year.

Pantone 2016_Rose Quartz

  1. These Kendra Scott earrings could not be a more literal with the quartz theme
  2. An elegant dress in the subtle rose hue is perfect for a wedding invitation or fancy dinner date
  3. These shoes were a top trend last year and I  do not see them going away soon (check them out here in a flat)
  4. A cashmere scarf is a great way to bring the rose color out in winter.  Pair with a black peacoat to accent the pastel
  5. Envelope clutches provide space for it all while still staying chic

What do you think of this years choices?  Are you a fan of the light airy hues or do you lean toward bolder tones?

Warm Day in Winter

Blouses are my current obsession!  I am constantly on the hunt for a great sleeveless top to pair with a blazer for the office (especially for the office spaces that seem to believe that high heat = high productivity).  After finding this plum colored piece for my wardrobe the obsession has only grown stronger.  And with the weather in Virginia deciding it is going to do it’s own thing on the temperature front, this has been a highly worn outfit for the warm winter days.

Warm Winter Days

Warm Winter Days

Warm Winter Days

Warm Winter Days

Do you look for blouses in long sleeve or short sleeve? (and can we talk about odd it is how much I touch my hair in photos?!… is it just me?! ha)

Shop this Look 

New Year, Best You

I don’t think a New Year calls for an entirely New You, but setting up a plan for the upcoming months can make this the year of the Best You (super cliche… I know, but anything to make life better can’t hurt to try).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Some of my favorite bloggers talk about a word or phrase they use to define their new year and Simplify and Produce are what I am setting my intentions on for 2016.  Instead of spending my time reorganizing and planning, I want to simplify the processes and create the content I spent all those hours “planning” for.  Now organization and processes are the only way things will be accomplished, but those steps can’t be the main focus.  Setting aside time each week to plan for a productive week will help keep this year on track.

I found these great resources on Pinterest to help.  Now to find a simple way to be more productive!

New Year Best You 2016

www.eatnakednow.com | wonderlass.com | thefinancegirl.com

New Year Best You 2016

byrdie.com | xosarah.com

Now the major thing to remember is no amount of reading and planning can help if you don’t start making things happen!