Herb Garden Tags

My skills in the garden are definitely lacking (err.. nonexistent) but I have a wonderful husband who is very skilled in that department. This years gardening is overflowing with delicious veggies and he even added a smaller herb garden on the porch that is flourishing.

Brandon let me pick out which plants to add to the porch planter and I was excited to add some dill (for my favorite fish recipe), basil, cilantro and lavender. He planted it all and tasked me to make tags to mark the different plants.

I grabbed some chalkboard tags on hand so I attempted to write out each herbs name but was not liking how my print was looking with the chalk-paint markers (total type-a personality shining through). I had some vinyl I had received from angel craft on hand so I decided to take a few extra moments, write out the names on paper with a favorite marker, scan in the handwritten print and use my silhouette curio to cut out the print on vinyl. A few extra steps, but the results were just what I was looking for. With the vinyl I was able to use different colors for each herb and the vinyl will weather much better than paint markers. I am loving the results!


Herb Tags

Lavendar Herb Tag

Weekend Ruminations June

Oh today was a Monday in every way that people hate Mondays!

But now I am home, the house is clean and I am ready to grab a glass of wine and take a long bath (thanks to H-Set for the perfect bath mat to making soaking in the tub just right… no bum slipping!)

Weekend Ruminations June 2016

First, a quick weekend recap before I let the day slip away!

Friday, I had the day off work so while Brandon was out working, I attempted some DIY house cleaners.  All epic fails and I have come to the realization that the  price to buy the cleaners is so worth it!   When Brandon got home we ordered some pizzas, grabbed some movies and had a night in.

Saturday was a busy day while I spoke at a conference and Brandon helped his parents around their house so we determined Sunday was going to be just for us.  We decided to head to a concert series at the Winery.  It was a beautiful day so we took the ferry, which neither of us had done before, to Williamsburg.  It was an easy trip and we made it to the concert, got a glass of wine and grabbed our seats before Ben Rector took the stage.  Simple Plan followed and oh my did my high school memories came flooding back!  The crowd was great, wine delicious and sun was shining bright.  A new experience and one we want to do again next year.

We wandered around the winery then headed back home to get ready for the week ahead!  A few pictures from our little adventure!

Weekend Ruminations June 2016

Weekend Ruminations June 2016

Weekend Ruminations June 2016