Simple Baby Gift Ideas

The spring and summer for us has been a baby boom. Little ones are popping up left and right we can’t help but spoil them. If you are like me and bouncing between throwing baby showers and attending “sprinkles” (baby showers for the second baby, or third… or fourth) it is sometimes hard to find a new gift idea. While shopping off the registry is always appreciated, I usually like to add in a little extra gift from me. My current go to has been made-by-hand baby blankets, but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day and I need a sweet gift to grab and go! Here is a little round up of perfect gifts for any little one coming soon!

Simple Baby Gift Ideas

1. Diapers! Always a necessity and with companies like Honest, you can even give gift cards for new parents to get just the size they need.

2. Sophie the Giraffe. This little creature is a baby whisperer and seems to be adored by any little human she encounters! She is soft, rubbery and super cute.

3. Baby Gym. A cute little play center to keep baby occupied. Love this one from Ikea, no batteries needed.

4. Hooded Towel. You can find this bath accessory in all kinds of animal styles.

5. Play mat. A cute alternative to a blanket for little ones to lay on on the ground. Mom and dad can add a little loop on the top so baby’s mat can be hung on the wall when not in use.

6. Baby bandannas. These super soft bandannas are the perfect bib to add a little style to drool happy babies.

7. Books. Wether it’s a book that was special to the gift giver when they were little, or a sweet story new parents will loving reading to their little, you can never go wrong with books!

What is one of your go-to baby gift ideas?

And, just because she is too cute, the newest little to our family, my sweet niece Abigail rocking her little baby bandanna (c/o Zoozik)…baby abigail 06.2016