Simply Six… things for a picnic!

simply six... things for a picnic

Happy National Picnic Day!  The weather here has me dreaming of sunny days in the park and I can not wait to take my favorite fancy picnic cooler for a day out!  Our basket isn’t too girly so the husband doesn’t mind carrying it around and is an easy go-to for road trips as well (a few hotel breakfasts have been eaten on those plates).

So grab this picnic basket and a few of the other picnic must-haves I have been lusting lately below.  And a picnic would not be complete without a delicious food, so check out this caprese sandwich with pesto from Jessica in the Kitchen… yum!!

simply six... things for a picnic

1. Dress | 2. Hat | 3. Picnic Basket | 4. Kicks | 5. Wedges | 6. Blanket

What is on your picnic packing list?

Classic Gin Fizz

Classic Gin Fizz

We just added some fantastic bar stools to our kitchen and it has us hanging around the counter more.  While we were catching up on our day in the kitchen last week I figured we should fancy up our happy hour.  I am usually a simple beer or wine fan but have been trying out some new recipes to add to my hostess skills (like this moscow mule recipe here!)   I grabbed my cocktail shaker and added a classic gin fizz to my go-to drinks list!

Classic Gin Fizz
mat: Target | shaker: tropicoland c/o

How to make your own:

Classic Gin Fizz

*I also tried with san pellegrino which was delicious and quite refreshing.


Day Time Sipping

Can we give mother nature a high-five for the fabulous weather we had here this past weekend.  The perfect weather for lunch on a deck overlooking the water has me craving the upcoming warm days ahead (please tell me they are close ahead!).

While I am prepping my beach bag with  beach towels (Target hit it out of the park with this one) and bikinis, I thought what better time than now to try out some new recipes to take to the beach house for the hot summer days in the Outer Banks.

Today’s recipe is the quintessential Moscow Mule!  Grab a lime and a cooper mug and try one for yourself.

Moscow Mule_Copper Mug


Ingredients {for one mug full}:

1 can ginger beer (not ginger ale… there is a difference, I googled it)

1/2 lime

2 oz of vodka (a shot glass full)

3 strawberries

lots of ice


1. Grab a cooper mug (so you look fancy), muddle your strawberries (which means mash the strawberries enough to get the juice out, but not enough to turn them to paste), add vodka, ginger beer and squeeze the lime juice into the mug.

2. Lightly stir.  Garnish with lime slice and strawberry!

Now take your tasty new drink, in your fancy new cup and cheers!

Moscow Mule_Copper Mug

Cooper Mug – c/o Inspired Basics | Cutting Board – The Christmas Tree Shop

Make it Monday {Chocolate Chip Cookies}

I apologize first for anyone whose diet this threatens, but after a successful day of baking I had to share this delicious recipe.

Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies

My mom’s chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite and when I went into the pantry this weekend and stared at the empty cookie shelf I figured it was time to grab the kitchen aid and curb my sweet tooth.

Below is the simple recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies that have a slightly cakier taste then the average go-to style.

Simply Choclate chip cookies header


Simply Choclate chip cookies

Simply Choclate chip cookies ingredients

Simply Choclate chip cookiesSimply Choclate chip cookies instructions

What is your favorite type of cookies to make?  If you try your hand at these, let me know how it goes!