Weekend Ruminations – July 2016

Happy Monday!

The weekend is never quite long enough! So let’s reminisce on the weekend and pretend it’s not over just yet!

Friday at work was a day I have been looking forward to all year. I put together a summer concert series for the city I work in and this Friday’s band was a definite favorite! The Deloreans are a local 80’s cover band and boy do they put on a phenomenal show! Things went smoothly (despite the 90 + degree weather and lack of breeze) and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Weekend Ruminations July 2016
Saturday I got to spend the day with my best friend, Holly, and her sweet new baby boy Everett! Holly and her husband recently bought a home in Maryland but this weekend she was back home in Virginia Beach to visit family and I took full advantage for some baby snuggles.

Weekend Ruminations July 2016
It was a weekend of stormy weather with the best sunsets, and Sunday we spent a lazy day complete with Mexican, margaritas and a red box movie night!

Weekend Ruminations July 2016

Now we are back and ready for the week ahead!

Weekend Ruminations

A great weekend has led to a great week.  I have been dominating the to do lists and not hating it!  But oh if I could go back to the weekend I would in a heart beat…

Saturday we spent the day at home catching up on things around the house and I spent most of the day at the sewing machine work on some fun lift gifts.  That evening we had some friends over to watch the UFC fight.  I always love to have people over and spend a fun night in.

Sunday was my sweet friend Beth’s little girl’s first birthday!  Beth and her husband just moved back to the area from Cincinnati and I could not be happier they are close!  Baby Hazel was an adorable birthday girl and made the greatest mess with her birthday cupcake.Weekend Ruminations_baby H

After the party I ran a few errands before heading home and I finally checked out a Whole Foods!  The one in Virginia Beach always seems so packed, so I was happy to run in to one that had just a few Sunday shoppers.  I was pleasantly surprised with some of their prices and products, but still need to head to the regular grocery store for the everyday basics.  But the fresh flowers and candy isle made it so worth it.

Weekend Ruminations_whole foods

Sunday night as we were prepping for the week ahead, my in-laws stopped in to drop off two heaping piles of fresh strawberries.  They had been visiting Brandon’s aunt who had a full garden this year and they knew they would be just what we needed for our morning smoothies (and without having to pick them, I call it a win!).

Weekend Ruminations_fresh picked strawberries

Now back to dominating this week and crossing all my fingers and toes that the weatherin the forecast blows over!

Weekend Ruminations

The rain finally cleared up here (after a week worth of showers) and it started the weekend off right!

The hubs had to work at the fire station this Sunday so we invited the in-laws for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday.  We finally had a proper dinner at the house to break in the new kitchen chairs and I am always excited to play hostess!dinner


I got to gift the DIY planter to my mother-in-law and she loved it and I loved the fact the plant didn’t die before we gave it to her!  I gave my mom hers when I made them, I couldn’t be trusted with the lives of 2 plants! ha

PLanter DIY

Sunday was spent at my parent’s house with my sister and brothers.  It is never a dull moment with all of us together and now my adorable niece gets to enjoy it all too!  (she is so stinkin cute!!!)

Auntie Em with Abigail


Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!  Now back to the regularly scheduled work week….

Weekend Ruminations…{april 15 – april 17}

Weekend Ruminations {Lake House}

This weekend was a great one!  The weather was perfect and the company was the best!

Friday we headed to Lake Anna for a lake house weekend rental with my girl friends from college and the husbands!  Both Heather and Katey’s birthdays are this week so we had to celebrate properly.  Nick picked the most perfect rental with a dock that had us all swooning.  Not only did it have a beautiful view of the water but this boat dock had a bar complete with a TV, full size fridge, microwave, surround sound, speakers, heaters around the giant table, 2 electric boat lifts and plenty of space to soak up the sun!

Weekend Ruminations {Lake House}

Needless to say we spent 90% of our weekend out on the dock.  But the house also had a fire pit, hot tub (which was fabulous) and a beautiful home with full view of the lake so we could watch the boaters as we prepped meals!

Brandon & Emily April 2016

The tulips around the fire pit had us all heart eyes over how perfect they were.  It must have been peek tulip season at the lake because these beauties were in their prime!


Packing up after a late breakfast on Sunday was a sad venture for sure.  Not only did we have to leave our new favorite vacation spot but we had to say goodbye to our friends.  Makes me miss our college days at Virginia Tech!


Weekend Rumination {Christmas Edition 2015}

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas weekend!  A quick little recap here before we start prepping for the New Years festivities!

Brandon and I started a tradition a few years back of getting Christmas Eve pajamas to wear as we celebrate Christmas Eve night at home.  This year I added our monograms to make them a little more special.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Our tree went ornament-less this year due to a light string that didn’t work and a busy holiday season.  There is something about the simplicity that I really loved.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Found this gem of a picture at my parent’s house from the December I was born.  I am pretty sure this needs to be framed and added the Christmas holiday decor next year.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Brandon had to work Christmas day this year.  He left the house bright and early, so after watching my nephews open presents at my sister and brother-in-laws with the family, the boys and I headed over to visit with Uncle Brandon and the other firefighters.  Gabriel, the oldest, had a blast seeing all the trucks and getting a chance to ride inside.  Jack, on the other hand, may be the only 4-year old in history to be entirely unamused with the whole thing.  There is a playground in the park right beside the firehouse and once Jack saw the slides and swings he was dead set on getting a chance to play and wanted nothing to do with the lights and sirens.

So after a quick visit (and a stop at the playground) we headed back to my parent’s house to open presents and have Christmas dinner.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

The most popular present under the tree was the pie face game!  A simple concept and a can of whipped cream had everyone laughing so hard!

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Dinner had a table full of family and friends and was a great ending to a very merry Christmas!

I hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas too!  Now back to a short week and goal setting for a whole new year to make wonderful!

What was your favorite part of Christmas?  And have you played the pie face game yet?!?

Weekend Ruminations {December 18 – 20, 2015}

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

The countdown to Christmas is on!  This weekend was full of family and friends and has me so excited for this holiday season!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend that went by too soon.

Friday night was spent having dinner with my family to celebrate my sisters birthday.  As my parents were bringing down a few old boxes from my room for me to take home, we came across a box of old cds.  Between my Brittany Spears, my brothers’ Green Day and the hilariously eclectic array of mixed CD’s we were laughing for hours.

The decorations are finally done at our house and while I didn’t get a chance to paint our new monogram sign, it was too good not to hang with a Christmas wreath.

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

Saturday evening was Brandon’s work holiday get together and I was happy to find a perfect occasion to wear this cute new skirt!  We had a great night out with friends!

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

Sunday morning I hopped in the car and headed to DC.  With my best friends birthday on Saturday, I thought lunch together in the city would be fun to see the city’s decorations and to catch up on life!  We had lunch and wandered through the Eastern Market.  The fresh apples were delicious!

Weekend Ruminations_Dec 18-20,2015

On the way home I was even able to squeeze in a quick visit with my old roommate in Alexandria.

I got home with a full heart and a sore bum!  Thankfully it was a smooth ride with barely any traffic.   Now just 4 short days till Christmas and more visits with family and friends!!


Weekend Ruminations {November 6 – 8, 2015}

And we are back to Monday!  The weather was unseasonably warm last week, I am talking 80 degrees in November, so I am looking forward to the cooler weather that is coming this week.  Break out the blanket scarfs and boot socks!

But first, a quick look at the past weekend.

Friday I ran into Target and snagged one of the new Sugar Paper Co. for Target planners and I am a little obsessed.  I am very particular about my yearly planner (I could go on and on about planners… total organizer junkie here) and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the planners this year.  And with a $12.99 price tag, you can’t go wrong.


Friday night we headed with my in-laws to the local Mexican restaurant for nachos and margaritas, yum!

Saturday morning I was excited to have one of my best friends over to visit with her little ones.  Beth and her husband have been living in Ohio the past few years and now they are moving to Richmond and will be so close now.  I am so happy they will finally be close again, and I know they are happy to be close to family!

HouseWarming Gift

made this little treat for Beth to have when they move in to their new house in two weeks… coffee is always necessary when unpacking!

Saturday night we headed to Brandon’s Aunt and Uncles for a bon voyage party for his uncle who is headed out on deployment with the Navy.  It was so nice to see them and be able to wish Nate well on his cruise.

Sunday I attended a local work conference at the oceanfront (could be worst places for work meetings) which included a social hour with yummy treats and drinks.  I love the work I get to do and meeting people who work in the same field in a social setting was a great end to the weekend.

Weekend Ruminations – Halloween Weekend

We are back to Monday after a great weekend spent with family and an endless feed of friend’s little ones in costume filling up Facebook!  But it’s my BIRTHDAY so that makes Monday a little easier to bear, especially when you get to enjoy your free birthday Starbucks too!

Simply Styled Emily_birthday starbucks

red cups…it’s officially Christmas time

Here’s a peek at what we were up to this holiday weekend (though I use holiday loosely… if you don’t get an extra day off work, does it really count?!)

Thursday I kicked off the weekend helping a co-worker put on a “Yappy Hour” social at the local dog park.  What’s Yappy Hour you ask, oh just adorable dog’s (in costume… because it’s a holiday, right) and booze for the owners!  I was excited for a reason to put on a Halloween costume this year and the scarecrow costume I mentioned last week was perfect!

SImply Styled Emily_Scarecrow Costume

We had my family over on Sunday for a little dinner for my birthday, so Friday was spent prepping my cleaning game plan and clearing out the DVR with Brandon.  We cleaned out the fridge by drinking the last of the Coney Island Root Beer we had picked up when friends were staying a few weekends back.  We grabbed these when we couldn’t find Not Your Fathers Root Beer at our local grocery store and think they are pretty delicious!

Simply Styled Emily_Coney Island Beer

Saturday I was in full cleaning mode and then crashed on the couch at night for a Halloween movie with Brandon.  I also took a cleaning break to dress our dog in his best Halloween costume to send a picture over to my nephews who had sent us theirs.

Simply Styled Emily_Hunter Halloween

Mid-yawn but I swear it looks like he is yelling “fire!!!”

And Sunday’s dinner at our house was a perfect way to celebrate the big 2-9.  A big “thank you” to my mom for pre-making the lasagnas… because otherwise it would have been frozen pizzas!  It was so nice having everyone over at our house for a change.

Sunday night I straightened up the house…again, ran the dishwasher, and headed to bed ready to take on a new year!!