Make it Friday… Iced Coffee Cup

Summer is almost here, and while a cup of coffee is a morning must to get my day started, a hot cup just doesn’t taste the same on a hot summer morning.  So while I prep my wardrobe for summer by packing away the winter clothes and getting out the bikinis I figured it was time to prep my morning routine too.
I decided I needed something a little special would make that morning routine just a little bit better so I figured what is better than glitter.  So a glitter coffee cup it is!  I have made a glitter cup but this time I added a customized a vinyl decal.

Here is what I used –

Iced Coffee Cup Supplies
vinyl c/o || cup (double walled that can be separated) || glitter || spray adhesive
(not pictured, the silhouette curio for vinyl cutting)
It took some searching, but I was able to find a double walled cup that could be separated so the glitter and decal could go in between the walls and last longer… through many cups of coffee!  The vinyl from Angel Crafts was a perfect fit for this project, their vinyl was more forgiving when having to readjust the image inside the cup.
Iced Coffee Cup
Now I am ready for some delicious iced coffee as the warm weather rolls around!!

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