Loving Lately {Chunky Sweaters}

I walked outside yesterday and it felt like Christmas time!  Yes it is the middle of January, but there is the perfect chill in the air and the smell of fireplace fires (and Christmas in Virginia was 80 degrees so I’ll take it when I can get it)!  What I am really looking forward too is big scarfs and chunky sweaters.  What I am not looking forward to is a freezing cold front seat first thing in the morning.  When building our house, a must on my list was a garage, and more specifically, a garage to park my car in!  Somehow, throughout the unpacking process, my car’s sacred spot was lost to stuff!  I feel that every time I shift stuff around to squeeze my car back in something comes up and it is banished back to great outdoors! Dramatic I know, but I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend ahead (thank you Virginia for the abundance of state observed holidays!) and the cold air to get me motivated to clear my little spot out again to put and end to those cold morning front seats.  What better way to kick off that 4-day weekend than with a little on-line shopping to grab the perfect chunky sweater to keep me warm while I spend this January weekend outside.

Check out my current favorites:

Loving Lately Chunky sweaters

Shop your favorites ->

Cheers to a chilly weather weekend (and clean garages)!

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