New Year, Best You

I don’t think a New Year calls for an entirely New You, but setting up a plan for the upcoming months can make this the year of the Best You (super cliche… I know, but anything to make life better can’t hurt to try).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Some of my favorite bloggers talk about a word or phrase they use to define their new year and Simplify and Produce are what I am setting my intentions on for 2016.  Instead of spending my time reorganizing and planning, I want to simplify the processes and create the content I spent all those hours “planning” for.  Now organization and processes are the only way things will be accomplished, but those steps can’t be the main focus.  Setting aside time each week to plan for a productive week will help keep this year on track.

I found these great resources on Pinterest to help.  Now to find a simple way to be more productive!

New Year Best You 2016 | |

New Year Best You 2016 |

Now the major thing to remember is no amount of reading and planning can help if you don’t start making things happen!

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