When a hole in your pants leads to a full shopping bag!

I have been attempting to get in a morning routine to get myself out of the door on time and ready for the day (rather than my normal spastic self running around with wet hair, unable to find the car keys).  I have been picking out my outfit the night before so I can grab it quickly without having to stand and stare at my closet for 10 minutes wishing I had more options.  Tuesday night as I was picking out my outfit I noticed a hole in the butt of my favorite pixie pants from Old Navy and was so sad.  They have been my favorite go to work bottoms and fit so well.  I tossed them in my “get rid of pile” and scoured the closet for something else.

So wasn’t it a fun surprise when I woke up on Wednesday to an e-mail from Old Navy about their new sale, it’s like they knew!

I hopped on-line to grab a new pair of my favorite pants, and scrolled through to find a few more goodies.  I filled my shopping bag, grabbed the discount code and even scored free shipping.  And a good sale is too good not to share so of course here are my picks!

Old Navy Sale Picks

Grab some great pieces while they last! Don’t forget to use coupon code “MORE” at check-out to score even more discounts!

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