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I started to read a book, and it’s a good book, and it got me thinking…. (my husband seems to think that isn’t always a good idea!)

The book is called 30 By 30.  It’s about a 29 year old coming close to her 30th birthday as her life takes a bit of an unexpected turn!  In straightening her new life out she rediscovers and old list she wrote in high school about the 30 things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turned thirty, and the story continues as she works to complete that list!

Half way through the book I set it down (which was tough, it’s a page turner) and decided that is just what I need now as I creep closer to my 30th birthday, a list!

So I got to work making my own! I made a few simple rules for my list, it shouldn’t be something I have done, it couldn’t be too expensive, it needed to be a measurable item with an ending (no ‘organize my life’ type ones), and I need to get it all in by my birthday, November 2.  I talked ideas over with my family and friends and finalized the list over happy hour with my sister on my “half birthday”.  Which gives me 6 months to get through it!

Now I’ve been told some of my items are lame and that there should be more exciting adventures on my list but that made me realize, I have had a pretty great life so far.  I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, swam with dolphins, drank cocktails at a swim up bar in paradise and bought a house with my amazing husband.  So maybe this list is more of a “things I have always talked about wanting to do so now I want a deadline” list, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring, so here’s my 30 By 30!!

30 by 30

30 by 30… with my thoughts!

  1. Go skydiving – now ‘real’ skydiving is a bit pricey, but thankfully Virginia Beach has an indoor sky diving place that I can’t wait to try!
  2. Lean a new language – I took Spanish in college (and I can ask ‘where is the bathroom’… and that’s about it) so now I want to try French.  I will mark this as complete when I finish the learning CD’s my sister lent me!
  3. Learn mom’s sauce recipe – my mom’s sauce is the best but when you ask for the recipe she says “just put in what you have till it tastes right“!  I hope to get the actual ingredient list this time!
  4. Host a fancy dinner party – I can put those hours I spent drooling over Southern Living to good use!
  5. Take a cooking class – Found some great options at shops like Sur La Table and William and Sonoma
  6. Take a dance class – An adult ballet class is what I have my eye on!
  7. Take a golf lesson – So one day maybe I can play with the husband
  8. Visit Chicago – It looks like such a great place and my cousin lives there now, time for a visit
  9. Sew a dress to wear out – To put my sewing machine to good use
  10. Dye my hair – I have never dyed my hair before and it’s time to hide the grays!
  11. Name a star – A simple list item that is close to my heart
  12. Go deep sea fishing – Just something fun to say I have done
  13. Read a classic book – My little brother pointed out that I have a classic book or two at school, but this time it’s my choice (any recommendations?)
  14. Have a fancy picnic – This is just something that has always looked fun!  Bring on the champagne and bugs!
  15. Learn to give a good massage – This was the husbands list request!
  16. Make my handwriting a font – Something easy to do, but has always been on my list
  17. Go para-sailing – One I plan to do with my sister in the outerbanks this summer
  18. Do a 30-day capsule wardrobe – Love this idea, can’t wait to try
  19. Start my own Etsy shop I have had a blast making some great pieces for coworkers and friends so why not open up to more people!
  20. Get a gun carrying license – A silly one, but it never hurts to have, right?
  21. Knit a hat – Now that my little brother is a knitting pro (funny, I know) I thought he could show me how!
  22. Take a pottery class – My uncle has so much fun with this, I would love to try it too!
  23. Build a piece of furniture I have the piece picked out and know I will feel so accomplished seeing it everyday on our home
  24. Bake a carrot cake from scratch – It’s Brandon’s favorite, so what better way to get him excited about this list too!
  25. Visit a financial advisor – Well, I’ll soon be 30… I should probably do this one!
  26. Attend a paint-n-sip night – I went to an open paint studio, but I think the paint with direction thing sounds way more my style
  27. Learn to use my camera in manual mode – It’s sad how long I have had this camera and I definitely need to use something more than auto focus
  28. Have a signature drink – I mean, this will be perfect for the dinner party, right?
  29. 7 days without TV – Well if I plan to do this all by November, a days without tv will surely help!!
  30. Start a family! So the drinking items need to be done sooner rather than later…

So have you ever made a list like this?  What would be on yours?!  I have a few coworkers now making their own and I loved my parent’s idea of a 7 by 70 list (though they said with quite a few years till 70, and only a few things to complete, they are gonna be have to be good!)

I can’t wait to start!!

Thanks to the author for sending me this great book to read!

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  1. RE: #26, I just had a paint and sip night at The Tar Roof ( We did watercolors and it was quite nice. They said it’s going to be an ongoing event with different styles of painting and different local artists. Pretty affordable ($45) and you can go alone or with friends.

    Good Luck on your list!

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