Thirty on Thursday (week 1)

I thought I would start a weekly post to keep up to date on my Thirty by Thirty list!

Now this week has been about prepping to start tackling these fun new things so nothing has been crossed off just yet!

But tomorrow, I head to the hair dresser for # 10 – Dye My Hair!  Such a silly one, I know, but I have wanted to dye my hair for a long time but had this deep rooted fear that I would end up with ‘hooker orange’ hair!  After a tragic experience getting a “body wave”(which ended up as full blown perm) I have been a bit hesitant on doing anything new!

So I have been scouring google to find looks I like.  Now it won’t be anything crazy just some highlights to lighten up my hair (and cover the grays!).  Here is the current favorite!



I have also started my attempt at Learning a New Language – # 2!  I stopped by the local library and picked up a CD French lesson set.  I have a 45 minute commute to work and thought the best way to be productive is to use my time wisely.  I am one lesson in and well…  je ne parle pas Francais (i don’t speak French)!  But I am trying.  I will count this one completed when i finish the 8 lesson course (but I have already done the first lesson twice… it’s a little harder than I thought!)

2 learn a new language

So cheers to the weekend ahead and accomplishing more on my 30 by 30 list!

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