Weekend Rumination {Christmas Edition 2015}

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas weekend!  A quick little recap here before we start prepping for the New Years festivities!

Brandon and I started a tradition a few years back of getting Christmas Eve pajamas to wear as we celebrate Christmas Eve night at home.  This year I added our monograms to make them a little more special.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Our tree went ornament-less this year due to a light string that didn’t work and a busy holiday season.  There is something about the simplicity that I really loved.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Found this gem of a picture at my parent’s house from the December I was born.  I am pretty sure this needs to be framed and added the Christmas holiday decor next year.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Brandon had to work Christmas day this year.  He left the house bright and early, so after watching my nephews open presents at my sister and brother-in-laws with the family, the boys and I headed over to visit with Uncle Brandon and the other firefighters.  Gabriel, the oldest, had a blast seeing all the trucks and getting a chance to ride inside.  Jack, on the other hand, may be the only 4-year old in history to be entirely unamused with the whole thing.  There is a playground in the park right beside the firehouse and once Jack saw the slides and swings he was dead set on getting a chance to play and wanted nothing to do with the lights and sirens.

So after a quick visit (and a stop at the playground) we headed back to my parent’s house to open presents and have Christmas dinner.

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

The most popular present under the tree was the pie face game!  A simple concept and a can of whipped cream had everyone laughing so hard!

Weekend Ruminations_Christmas 2015

Dinner had a table full of family and friends and was a great ending to a very merry Christmas!

I hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas too!  Now back to a short week and goal setting for a whole new year to make wonderful!

What was your favorite part of Christmas?  And have you played the pie face game yet?!?

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