Weekend Ruminations – Halloween Weekend

We are back to Monday after a great weekend spent with family and an endless feed of friend’s little ones in costume filling up Facebook!  But it’s my BIRTHDAY so that makes Monday a little easier to bear, especially when you get to enjoy your free birthday Starbucks too!

Simply Styled Emily_birthday starbucks

red cups…it’s officially Christmas time

Here’s a peek at what we were up to this holiday weekend (though I use holiday loosely… if you don’t get an extra day off work, does it really count?!)

Thursday I kicked off the weekend helping a co-worker put on a “Yappy Hour” social at the local dog park.  What’s Yappy Hour you ask, oh just adorable dog’s (in costume… because it’s a holiday, right) and booze for the owners!  I was excited for a reason to put on a Halloween costume this year and the scarecrow costume I mentioned last week was perfect!

SImply Styled Emily_Scarecrow Costume

We had my family over on Sunday for a little dinner for my birthday, so Friday was spent prepping my cleaning game plan and clearing out the DVR with Brandon.  We cleaned out the fridge by drinking the last of the Coney Island Root Beer we had picked up when friends were staying a few weekends back.  We grabbed these when we couldn’t find Not Your Fathers Root Beer at our local grocery store and think they are pretty delicious!

Simply Styled Emily_Coney Island Beer

Saturday I was in full cleaning mode and then crashed on the couch at night for a Halloween movie with Brandon.  I also took a cleaning break to dress our dog in his best Halloween costume to send a picture over to my nephews who had sent us theirs.

Simply Styled Emily_Hunter Halloween

Mid-yawn but I swear it looks like he is yelling “fire!!!”

And Sunday’s dinner at our house was a perfect way to celebrate the big 2-9.  A big “thank you” to my mom for pre-making the lasagnas… because otherwise it would have been frozen pizzas!  It was so nice having everyone over at our house for a change.

Sunday night I straightened up the house…again, ran the dishwasher, and headed to bed ready to take on a new year!!

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