Weekend Ruminations

The rain finally cleared up here (after a week worth of showers) and it started the weekend off right!

The hubs had to work at the fire station this Sunday so we invited the in-laws for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday.  We finally had a proper dinner at the house to break in the new kitchen chairs and I am always excited to play hostess!dinner


I got to gift the DIY planter to my mother-in-law and she loved it and I loved the fact the plant didn’t die before we gave it to her!  I gave my mom hers when I made them, I couldn’t be trusted with the lives of 2 plants! ha

PLanter DIY

Sunday was spent at my parent’s house with my sister and brothers.  It is never a dull moment with all of us together and now my adorable niece gets to enjoy it all too!  (she is so stinkin cute!!!)

Auntie Em with Abigail


Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!  Now back to the regularly scheduled work week….

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