What’s in my bag…

I always love a good pinterest find with a little glimpse into someones everyday life so I thought I would share a little “What’s in my bag” of my quick, every-day, go to back essentials!

What's In My Bag?

Make-Bag: this floral little piece is the perfect size to hold my beauty bring-a-longs like lotion, gum, breath mints, lipstick, etc.

Notebook: I snagged a couple of these striped notebooks on my last trip to ikea.  They have a elastic strap which keeps everything contained.

Clutch: This piece has sewed in card pockets which makes it simple to grab out of my big bucket bag on a quick trip without the rest of my everyday fillers

Cable: My i-phone has become my planner, phonebook, camera, second right-arm… so a chargering cable is always a good idea 🙂


{thank you to pur cable for their item for review.  all thoughts and opinions are my own}

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